Kiss her to Sleep

She lies in your arms,
Her heart entangled in yours.
Hearts connected and souls joined,
Hands intertwined in yours.
You watch her, tenderly,
As she fades out of reality.
You gaze at that beauty,
That warmth in your arms.
Her big eyes, no longer awake,
Is shrouded with serenity.
Her pink lips, slightly open,
Is vulnerable to your touch.
Her angel face, at once,
Reveals a paradise, so deep.
And then, she smiles in her dreams,
As you, gently, kiss her to sleep.





You know you’re living “in the moment”, when you smile at the smallest of God’s wonders.

The Distance…

The Distance...

As I walk away from you,
The string that holds us,
Slowly separates,
Me from you;
Making you seem,
Like a far-fetched dream.

Lost, I feel without you,
As if you were yesterday.
My hands reach out to you,
Only to grasp empty air.

Your silhouette, like a mirage,
Fades away from reality.
Now, it is only an illusion,
And far from clarity.

This distance, is cruel.
It suffocates me.
As my breaths become rarer,
And my vision, a blur,
I’m unable to pick the roses,
As the thorns prick me first.

Before the sun hovers,
This distance, I will cover.
My heart hurts,
It bleeds.
To you, I’m coming home,
Only you can heal.

An Unknown Feeling

An Unknown Feeling

Like a meteor, it hit.
Unaware and un-guarded,
I was in a whirlwind.
What is this feeling,
That I am caught in?
Far from recognition,
But yet I felt it.

That feeling…
I loved it.
I wanted it.
Not knowing,
I was far from having it.

Even for that one moment,
Where only we existed,
You were to go.
I stood there,
My heart crying
With every breath,
As I let you go.

As the year begins,
I stand in solitude.
I see a star,
Alone in the blue.
With a new hope,
And a smile that never fades,
I whisper a wish,
For that same feeling again.